Hello, I'm Chad Edge
I'm a manager of engineering living in Los Angeles, CA

Since 1997 I've provided assistance, programming and advice to many companies in the capacity of a software developer, project lead, systems analyst and manager.
My work has contributed to awards, market increase and continuing value long after my departure.

Personal Info

4265 Colfax Ave
Studio City, CA 91604

(206) 334-0162

Professional Services

I am the manger of engieering for a dynamc, global media and broadcast company. While I am still quite capable of getting my hands dirty with many platforms and languages, I'm best suited for solving those hard to manage problems and tasks that seem to always pop-up.

I have written the software development lifecycle guide for a previous employer, been ScrumMaster certified more times than I can count, and will spring up usable solutions in my spare time just to make life easier.

  • Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SDLC
  • Mac server and desktop administration
  • Responsive design
  • Project scope and use case
  • JSON and Ajax
  • RESTful services
  • Wordpress/Drupal development
  • LAMP stack (PHP, Mysql, Apache, Nginx)
  • Graphic design suites
  • Video production suites
  • Streaming and CDN delivery
  • Amazon AWS (S3, RDS, EC2)
  • Technical editing
  • Linux terminal / Shell scripting
  • MVC development
  • ColdFusion
  • Catalog graphic design
  • AfterEffects for broadcast
  • Ruby and Rails
  • .NET and MSSQL
  • iOS development

Get in touch

I'm not currently looking for new opportunities - my current employer presents the type of workplace and drive that one could make a career from. That said, I'm always up to entertain a conversation (especially if coffee is involved).

Use the methods at the top to get in touch and I'll reply as I'm available. Otherwise, keep an eye on this space for more updates and detail.